The Benefits Of A General Practice

Many attorneys and the law firms they own and work for tout their focus on one particular practice area. They promote their in-depth experience and insight that their peers may lack. Those lawyers provide a valuable service and often provide high-level representation that benefit their clients facing serious legal challenges.

At Smith, Grigg, Shea & Klinker, P.C., we take a different approach to our practice of the law. We believe that the legal profession should be about developing relationships with all types of clients by providing quality and results-oriented legal representation.

The Numerous Benefits Of A General Practice Law Firm

We operate a general practice law office, something many attorneys have moved away from over the past several decades. There was a time when people had their own lawyer, just as they had one banker, priest/minister, or other people in a certain “profession.” Those longtime, if not permanent relationships were based on trust. People knew that they were going to be treated fair and charged fees that reflected the services they needed.

Whether a case involves a car accident claim or divorce, we take a similar approach. We are not looking to grind out every penny to turn a profit. Focusing on the outcome sometimes results in modifying our legal fees if the results were not what we wanted. Simply put, that philosophy is who we are and how we operate.

We do not farm cases out to larger law firms in Iowa. The attorney you meet with is the attorney who will be handling your case from the initial consultation to the final outcome.

Act Now To Resolve Your Legal Problems

For more information or to schedule an initial consultation at our Primghar and Sutherland-based law offices, contact Smith, Grigg, Shea & Klinker, P.C., at 712-957-5465. You can also reach us via email.