Firm History

LockeLampmanThe law firm was established on May 22, 1906 by R. J. (Roscoe) Locke. Several years later he was joined in the practice of law by L. O. Lampman and the firm then became known as Locke & Lampman. In 1949 R. T. (Dick) Smith joined the firm and the law practice continued under the firm name of Locke, Lampman & Smith.

Smith & Grigg

R. J. Locke retired from the practice of law in 1953 and Dick Smith and L. O. Lampman continued as partners in the practice of law until 1954 when L. O. Lampman was appointed as a Judge of the District Court.

In 1954, when Mr. Lampman became a judge, H. R. (Harold) Grigg acquired his interest in the firm and the practice of law was continued by Dick Smith and Harold Grigg as Smith & Grigg.

R. J. (Ron) Shea joined the firm in May of 1976 and W. K. (Bill) Klinker joined in August of 1983. Dick Smith retired from active practice in October of 1986 and Harold Grigg retired in 1991. Thor Klinker joined in September 2017. The firm continues under the name of Smith, Grigg, Shea & Klinker, P.C.