Comprehensive Legal Advocacy

For more than a century, Smith, Grigg, Shea & Klinker, P.C., have provided personalized, results-driven representation to our fellow Iowa residents. Throughout our lengthy history, our attorneys have taken pride in our growth and commitment to evolving as times have changed.

Addressing All Of Your Legal Needs

Specific areas of our practice include:

  • Personal injury — Regardless of how you suffered your injuries, we work hard to hold negligent parties accountable and maximize compensation for our clients. A majority of our practice involves car accidents. However, we also represent rural Iowa residents injured or killed in agricultural accidents that involve falls in grain bins and injuries caused by defective machinery.
  • Family law and divorce — The end of a marriage is a difficult time where important decisions must be made. Our job is to work toward a resolution that focuses on a more stable future for you and your children. Iowa takes the same approach as mediation is mandatory in the state. Cost-efficient representation is in your best interests as it both saves time and money so you can move on with your life.
  • Estate planning and probateWills and trusts allow you to take control and make decisions prior to incapacity or death. By not having a formal estate plan, already grieving loved ones will be left to interpret your intentions, giving rise to interfamily disputes. At Smith, Grigg, Shea & Klinker, P.C., we help you take the proactive steps that provide peace of mind for all.
  • Real estate — Purchasing property is a complex process with equally complicated steps to take and documents to fill out. We take on the legal “heavy lifting” when it comes to drafting contracts, purchase agreements and abstract opinions.
  • Tax preparation — Our lawyers possess extensive experience preparing tax returns, ranging from individual to partnership filings. While do-it-yourself options exist, you should explore the option of legal counsel to ensure everything is done right the first time.

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